The following mission statement was formulated for the establishment of the Consciousness Studies Academy on 22 January 2015:

  • We aspire to regard and engage in consciousness studies not only as the branch of a discipline (which is already partially realized today) but to raise the issue of consciousness to the main area of research with true relevance for possible applications.
  • We engage in research, teaching and practice on an academic level.
  • We pursue interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches and proceed transversally.
  • We aspire to define the foundations for the philosophy of science, create new paradigmatic frameworks as well as to develop and establish quality standards for research, teaching and practice.
  • We aspire to provide intersections to all disciplines.
  • We strive towards an area of research which ranges from religious studies over philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy, communication and media studies, economics, ecology and future research to collective intelligence and collective dynamics of consciousness.
  • We regard as our task the integration of consciousness studies with cultural and social anthropology, psychology, philosophy, education, cognitive science as well as media and communication studies.
  • We seek out socially relevant and critical discussions on the relation and application of consciousness studies to economics, ecology, future research and future design, psychology, psychotherapy, pedagogy, education, personal development and many other areas.
  • We aspire to transgress boundaries as well as to enter and explore uncharted territory.
  • We represent novel lifeworlds and new lifestyles.

This mission statement was discussed, refined and supplemented in several working groups following its first presentation on 22 January 2015.

In the sense of an open becoming, its continuous development and adaptation to new and altered circumstances is self-evident.